Grandma Wendy's Brain Cookies


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HI! It's Adam. For sale is 12 Chocolate Chip Cookies in the box as pictured to the left.  Each cookie is also individually sealed.

These are delicious chocolate chip cookies! They are very much full flavor cookies that probably pack a few calories, but let's not focus on that part. There's a bit of mushroom in them, Lion's Mane mushrooms that are good for your brain!

In addition to love, butter, and chocolate chips, these cookies also contain 500mg of Lion's Mane (on average) per cookie. What is Lion's Mane? There's a picture to the left, but it's a mushroom that grows just about anywhere that isn't too hot, even here in the United States.

The neat thing about Lion's Mane is that numerous studies show it can be very helpful with the brain and for various mental issues. As many of you know, we own another company called "Level Up Mushrooms" which sells mushroom supplements. The one we have found the most beneficial is Lion's Mane.

Wendy made our family cookies for Christmas, and they were delicious as always, so at somepoint I thought "Let's do the delicious, but add the Lion's Mane for the health." Now we have "Grandma Wendy's Brain Cookies". We know you'll love them. The Lion's Mane barely comes through in the taste. Maybe a keen tongue could pick it out, but we doubt the average person would taste any mushroom.

Now we know you want to know what sort of studies have been done?!? You can find them here:

The link contains a brief overview of each study along with the link to the actual study itself. It should be noted that none of these studies have been verified by the FDA (yada yada). 

**Grandma Wendy is known simply as Wendy to her co-workers. She's in charge of operations for our companies, but her Grandchildren are the loves of her life. Wendy is leaving on vacation next week so we only have a few dozen to sell, but we will take backorders. Not really sure at this point if this will be an ongoing item, just having some fun.


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