The Monthly Mushroom

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Here we offer the opportunity for you to try a different wild mushroom every month. This package comes monthly with the following:

1 Perfect Jar of Dried Wild Mushrooms, Rotates Monthly, 12 Different Yearly Selections.

This will range from Lion's Mane, to Chanterelles, to Trumpets and everything in between. We may even surprises you with fresh in season.

1 5 X 7 Card Featuring A Recipe For The Monthly Mushroom

1 Perfect Jar of Morels (Optional/Deeply Discounted)

Please note all orders AFTER your first order will ship on the 10th of the month. Your first order will ship right after it's received. You can manage your subscription online to easily skip months, update billing/shipping, or to easily cancel.

    Shipping is FREE if you spend more than $20! We ship via USPS only. If the package is under 1 pound it goes First Class, otherwise it goes Priority Mail. Shipping time itself takes 2-4 days. Packaging time is typically one to two business days. Generally packages arrive much more quickly than this, but in case "delays happen" 5-6 business days would be in the high end.

    If you haven't had dried morel mushrooms before here are some common questions with the answers:

    How do you prepare them?

    You simply put them in water for about 20 minutes. They will rehydrate and plump up and look and taste just like they were fresh picked from the ground. The picture of the morels in a bowl to the left shows our dried morels rehydrated, this picture was taken by one of our customer's and submitted to our Facebook page.

    Do they taste the same?

    Yes they taste exactly the same! The morel flavor you know and love comes through. The only thing removed during drying is water, so no flavor is removed. The picture of the morels in a bowl to the left shows our dried morels rehydrated, this picture was taken by one of our customer's and submitted to our Facebook page. We also have a huge number of comments on our Facebook page from people who love our dried morels.

    How many servings is this?

    You get 1 pound as picked, the jar is 20 ounces in volume. The morels do naturally plump some in size when rehydrated. We have a family of 6 and we served these as a side, and we had more than enough for our meal. So I guess that makes 6 servings, but they taste so good you might eat them all at once! The calorie count on morels is quite low (see picture) but the amount of protein is through the roof.

    Is this a fair price?

    Yes it definitely is. Morels are not grown on a farm, they are picked in a short season so they are very rare. Anything that is rare is expensive. We save money by buying them in bulk. By buying from us you are buying from a very reputable company with over 200,000 Facebook fans. You know they are picked in America in 2023 and they are of high quality, and you are buying from a family owned company that is here to help you 24/7. One of our owners, Adam Schultz, is also certified as a Wild Mushroom Expert so you know the morels are safe and of a high quality. Finally, our facility is licensed by the State of Michigan. If you buy elsewhere you don't have that assurance.

    How Much Is Shipping?

    Shipping is FREE, we ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail depending on the weight.

    Why dry morels?

    Morels with water in them are a very perishable item. They only last about 7 days, so they have to be processed and shipped quickly, which is very expensive (time is money). If you remove the water then the morels can keep up to 36 months. They can also then be shipped using standard methods. The end result is that a pound of fresh morels delivered is at least $70.00, a pound of dried is only $39.99. They taste exactly the same!

    Is it common to dry morels?

    Yes! More dried morels are eaten than fresh morels. Dried morels are eaten all year round, while fresh morels are only available in season. If you've ever eaten a morel at a restaurant in the late summer, fall, winter, or early spring, it was almost certainly a dried morel. Many recipes you will find actually call for dried morels because they are so common.

    Are dried morels good for you?

    Absolutely! Nothing is better for you or the environment then a product harvested in the wild. This is an unprocessed, unaltered, natural product that comes right from the forest into your home. Our owner, Adam Schultz, is a certified Wild Mushroom Expert (see images) so you know that when you buy from us you get safe mushrooms that are 100% morels (Morchella). Our facility is also licensed so you know we follow clean health standards and your mushrooms are processed and packaged in a safe and clean way.

    When were they picked?

    The wild morels sold through this offer were wild picked in AMERICA in the spring of 2023! Many of the dried morels sold by other companies were picked in 2020 and many are from foreign countries. Dried morels will be good to eat for at least one year minimum, most sources say 2 to 3 years.

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