First let's congratulate our 2022 Winners (1st Annual Hunt):

Indiana- Andy Frye
Michigan- Andy Czuba
Indiana- Shae Long and Talon Jenson
Ohio- Andrea, Nick. Landon, and Liberty Guelde
Missouri- Heather Mace, Mandy Frye



Rules and information for our 2nd Annual Morel Mushroom Hunt.


We will hide 7 morel statues. Each in a different state. Whoever finds a statue gets $2000! The total prize pool is $14,000.

Rules & Information:

  • No purchase necessary, this is a 100% free contest. Purchasing does not enhance your chance of winning. Void where prohibited.
  • Participants are only able to win once, $2000 total. After winning once you can no longer win for the year.
  • Clues will be given via email and on our Facebook page. We do have an email signup list just for this contest. You can sign up HERE. We will not send anything but contest clues to this list. Forest Glory customers will still receive emails not related to the contest. Anyone can visit our Facebook page for clues,  The exact same clues will be posted at both locations, one is not better than the other. 
  • Mushrooms will be placed by May 15th, clues will be given starting on May 15th and ending on June 1st.
  • Contest will end when all statues are found. Clues will be structured so that on June 1st very specific instructions are provided and all statues should be found shortly thereafter.
  • Statues will not be hidden anywhere that is difficult or dangerous to get to. Do NOT try to scale mountains or do anything else to put yourself in danger. All statues can be reached in less than a one mile walk from a road. This contest is meant to be very accessible to anyone and does not require any great physical skill. Again, do NOT put yourself in any danger trying to find the statues, the only skills required are walking and using your brain.
  • Statues will not be placed on private property. Do not enter private property looking for the statues. Follow all state and federal laws during the contest.
  • The statues each have a tag with a phrase and instructions, so that we can clearly identify winners and we don't have fake statues submitted.
  • Employees of Brilliant Enterprises are not eligible to win. Anyone else is able to participate. 
  • We will announce the winners. We would require that we at least use your first and last name and preferably a photo. If you do not wish to have your name shared please do not participate. Sharing the winners names assures everyone our contest is legit.

Contest Holder Info:

Brilliant Enterprises LLC

Forest Glory

9892 Alba Highway

Elmira, MI 49734