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We think the title is pretty cool! It's coffee with Lion's Mane in it. It's been done before, but we figured the mushroom experts might be better at it. We now offer the coffee in grounds and K Cups. The K Cups work in any Keurig compatible machine and the bags are sealed and vented for freshness.

Truth be told, we know nothing about making coffee. So we buy that elsewhere from a large US Brand (it's excellent Arabica coffee). Then we put in our 100% natural Lion's Mane powder which we ground ourselves. It contains both the roots and the fruiting body so that you get all the Erinacines and Hericenones. The Lion's Mane is not noticeable in the taste of the coffee, it only provides the health benefits.

Why do you care about those weird words? They are chemicals only found in Lion's Mane which have been shown to stimulate Never Growth Factor which in turn is in charge of your brain neurons. In other words, studies have shown it helps your brain grow. 

The coffee is delicious and your brain will like you. As a bonus, similar studies have also show that Lion's Mane helps with anxiety and depression!

Shipping is FREE! We ship via USPS only. If the package is under 1 pound it goes First Class, otherwise it goes Priority Mail. Shipping time itself takes 2-4 days. Packaging time is typically one to two business days. Generally packages arrive much more quickly than this, but in case "delays happen" 5-6 business days would be in the high end.

If you haven't had dried morel mushrooms before here are some common questions with the answers:

Why should I buy your coffee?

Simple, it's delicious and contains Lion's Mane. Lion's Main contains Erinacines and Hericenones which are great for your brain

Does this work in Keurig?

Yes both 1 and 2.

Wait.. you make coffee?

No we buy that from the experts, then we do our thing and add the mushrooms.

Ok I'll give it a shot.

That's not a question, but I like your brain. 

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