Dried Morel Mushrooms - Morel Mushroom Shake/Seasoning
Dried Morel Mushrooms - Morel Mushroom Shake/Seasoning Dried Morel Mushrooms - Morel Mushroom Shake/Seasoning Dried Morel Mushrooms - Morel Mushroom Shake/Seasoning Dried Morel Mushrooms - Morel Mushroom Shake/Seasoning Dried Morel Mushrooms - Morel Mushroom Shake/Seasoning Morel Mushroom Shake/Seasoning

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Morel Mushroom Shake/Seasoning


This is a 3 ounce glass jar of the tiny leftover pieces we end up with after working with the morels. They are treated with the same care as our other products. The sizes vary between what is shown in the picture all the way down to the size of grains of sand. It does contain standard spice shaker holes at the top.

The jar is 100% morel mushrooms. We've tried it and number one it adds that great morel aroma. The flavor itself is subtle, depending on how much you use. The weight on these is about 1 ounce, so it's a little more than half of what our regular jar of whole morels would weigh. 

If you haven't had dried morel mushrooms before here are some common questions with the answers:

How do you prepare them?

The seasoning can be shaken onto meats, vegetables, or pasta. The morels are dried and raw so they do need to be cooked along with your other items. In other words season during cooking not after. The seasoning is great on steak, chicken, pork, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and to add an earthy tone to pasta dishes.

How much do I get?

The jar is 3 ounces. The weight is approximately 1 ounce dried, which generally equates to about 9 to 10 ounces wet weight. There's very little air in the container so the small package contains quite a large amount of morel (which is typically filled with air in the middle. 

Is this a fair price?

Yes it definitely is. Morels are not grown on a farm, they are picked in a short season so they are very rare. Anything that is rare is expensive. We save money by buying them in bulk. By buying from us you are buying from a very reputable company with over 200,000 Facebook fans. You know they are picked in America in 2018 and they are of high quality, and you are buying from a family owned company that is here to help you 24/7. One of our owners, Adam Schultz, is also certified as a Wild Mushroom Expert so you know the morels are pure and of a high quality. Finally, our facility is licensed by the State of Michigan. If you buy elsewhere you don't have that assurance.

Are dried morels good for you?

Absolutely! Nothing is better for you or the environment then a product harvested in the wild. This is an unprocessed, unaltered, natural product that comes right from the forest into your home. Our owner, Adam Schultz, is a certified Wild Mushroom Expert (see images) so you know that when you buy from us you get safe mushrooms that are 100% morels (Morchella). Our facility is also licensed so you know we follow clean health standards and your mushrooms are processed and packaged in a safe and clean way. 

When were they picked?

We have verified that all of our dried morels were wild picked in AMERICA in the summer of 2018 and the spring of 2019! Many of the dried morels sold by other companies were picked in 2017 and many are from foreign countries. Dried morels will be good to eat for at least one year minimum, most sources say 2 to 3 years.

Do you have discount codes?

No, Never. We try very hard to keep our prices as low as possible. Therefore we always offer our lowest price on the website and you don't have to go searching the internet for discount codes AND everyone gets the same price. We personally feel this is the fairest way to run a retail store.