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*Couples Valentine Special: 2 Jars of Capsules for free AND 1 regular jar of morels.... also for free! Also the couples price if you decide to keep being healthy is reduced, it's $49.99 for 2 Jars, one for each of you. If you aren't "a couple" feel free to intruduce the mushrooms to a friend. This is a signup for a monthly subscription of our Daily Mushroom product, if you don't cancel before 30 days we'll continue to send two jars of the healthy mushrooms monthly for $49.99. Cancelation is easy via your online account or by emailing us.

Limit 1 per customer please.

**Double Note: The capsules can be easily taken apart so you can dump the mushrooms into coffee or any other beverage. We know many of you don't like to swallow pills. We use Lion's Mane powder in our Lion's Mane Coffee.

Many mushrooms are considered by most professionals to be very healthy for you. We think we've found the best 3 to combine into a single capsule.

The Daily Mushroom consists of 3 capsules per day. Each capsule contains an even mix of:

Cordyceps Sinensis (Cordyceps)

Hericium Erinaceus (Lion's Mane)

Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga)

Nothing else! 100% dried and ground mushrooms. This should be considered to be a superfood you take as a capsule, like JuicePlus or other brands that provide nutrients you may not receive in your everday diet.

**check out the reviews tab above, we have sold over 80,000 jars to 12,000 different customers over the last 3 years

We have done a ton of research being "mushroom people" and these are the best 3 mushrooms to promote overall mental and physical health and well being. Our owner particularly loves the Lion's Mane for the mental benefits.

You could also source and eat the mushrooms above on your own, but they are often hard to find and can be quite expensive. We offer convenience and safety (mushrooms are sourced and inspected by a Certified Mushroom Expert).

If you are unfamiliar with the scientific studies or benefits of these mushrooms there are plenty of resources to be found by "Googling" (or Binging, or Ducking) the names above. We have put together a few studies from the National Library of Medicine which you can access HERE. These studies are literally just copied from and can be accessed by anyone. 

The studies were NOT done on our products, they are independent studies on the mushrooms that are found in our products that we thought may be of interest to you. The FDA has not tested our product so any statements we have made have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

The superfood capsules come 90 to a container and we suggest eating 3 a day. So it's a 30 day supply. 

We have capsules, you have questions:

What's in the capsules?

The capsules contain only mushrooms in a 100% vegan capsule. The mushrooms are commonly referred to as Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga.

Why should I take them?

We sell them because we think they help with mental and physical health and well being. We think that because of the reviews we have received (check review tab) and because of numerous studies that have been done. We don't list the studies here because we don't want to imply some are better than others.

Search engine any of these mushrooms and you will find mounds of information. It is your body and you can and should protect it by doing your own research. 

How many servings is this?

30. The jar contains 90 capsules and we recommend 3 capsules per day and you can take them anytime.

Is this a supplement?

No, because it's 100% ground mushrooms we consider it a food sold in capsule form. You could procure, cook, and eat all these mushrooms yourself but it can be quite a hassle to find them and prepare them. We save you the trouble.

How much Is shipping?

Shipping is FREE, we ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail depending on the weight.

Do I have to get a subscription?

No you can buy them as you need. The subscription would ave you 20%. We do make cancelation easy, you can do it yourself via the web or contact us to do it. Whichever you prefer. We would also refund any products that you received in the last 30 days that you did not mean to order (instant refund, no return needed). 

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We've been selling these same mushrooms for over 7 years and half of our business is repeat customers.